Pole Dance

Pole Dance

Acrobatie, danse et force

Ce sport aussi physique que sensuel est parfait pour celles qui souhaitent prendre confiance en elles et libérer leur déesses intérieures !

Souplesse, grâce et force sont travaillées tout au long des cours.

Exotic Pole Dance : Sexy and sensual are keywords in this extremely “fun and totally feminine” pole dance classIts time to free your mind and body and discover your elegantly sexy goddess in a safe and secureenvironment of total body acceptance and self love while our inspiring teachers guide you in learning adance choreography (in heels or not) including the pole and floor and of course super sensual movement. You will leave the studio after every class feeling just fabulously feminine

Pole renfo : Yes ! Pole dancing is super challenging and definitely not “easy". Although it is exquisite to watch It is extremely physical and demanding on the body.This is why it is super important to strengthen our bodies continuously while learning this beautiful disciplineJoin our “pole renfo” class where the excises have been carefully selected and designed to help you find andmaintain the strength you need to become the best pole dance you can be.

Pole flow : Its always fun learning and mastering new pole tricks and figures but even more so connecting them alltogether to create a fun and flowing technical pole dance routine.Join this class weekly to really appreciate and further develop your own style on the pole. Guided by our teachers you will learn to flow your tricks aesthetically with ease and add a choreographic element to the mix as well.


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